First model of NestEgg


The NestEgg is a fully biodegradable birdhouse developed from materials tested for use in the International Space Station Crew Health Care System. The robust, injection-moulding grade resin used to make the birdhouse is made of cornstarch and does not emit VOCs and is more flame resistant than PVC based plastics.

Commissioned by the Birdhouse Project of Japan, whose motto, "The Earth is our Nest", describes their dedication to planetary ecology and sustainability, *NestEgg* is designed to spread the word of this idea and of the existence of green materials that are compatible with modern lifestyles.

The user assembles the two halves of the house, selects a tree to hang it from, and takes a twig from that tree to use as the bird's perch. With this design component *NestEgg* engages the birdwatcher in joining modern industrial production techniques and space-rated materials with the immediate natural environment. At the end of each nesting season the house can be disassembled for cleaning and then reassembled.

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