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Constance Adams


Curriculum Vitea of Constance Adams



1982 - 1987 Harvard/Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Major: sociology and political economy, Bachelor of Arts cum laude [AB]

1987 - 1990 Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Studies in Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape, Master of Architecture [M. Arch.]


Work Experience:

1982 U.S.Tel Governmental Affairs Office, Washington, DC. Administrative assistant, Lobbyist--research and lobbying in the House Energy and Commerce Committee

1983 Office of the Hon. Thomas P. ("Tip") O'Neill, Jr., Washington, DC. Congressional Intern--research and coordination, Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future

1988 Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas. Assistant Project Manager,  Hospital construction: renovation and additions

1988 - 1989 Cesar Pelli and Associates Architects, New Haven, CT, USA. Intern Architect--design and presentation  work; research

1989 - 1990 Yale University Facilities Planning Dept., New Haven, CT, USA. Project coordinator, construction management--management and coordination of new construction projects

1990 - 1992 Kenzo Tange Associates, Tokyo, Japan. Architect, Project Architect Urbanist design and project management; Architecture (SE Asia) and Urban design (Rome, Italy and Paris, France)

1992- 1994 Office of Prof. Josef Paul Kleihues, with Suter+Suter GmbH,  Berlin, Germany. Architect  
Quartier 109, Lehrter Bhf. competition: Project Architect
Quartier 208 parking structure: design and construction drawings

1994 - 1997 synthesis.Int’l: Berlin, Germany; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA.  Consulting in Architecture, Design and Master Planning, commercial, institutional and residential
Dalcroze Theater Reconstruction, Dresden, and Berlin: Master Plan #5 (with Mattern & Assoc, Berlin)
260-bed rehabilitation clinic: Planning & Design development (for N+M/Partners, Berlin)
Wandlitz tract development and marketplace: planner/designer, (for GMW&Partners, Berlin)
Plattenbau regeneration: Oeko-Stadt Ass'n for Ecological City Planning: Research & consulting
residential addition & renovation projects: design and cd's (Hoeger-Hare Architekten, Berlin)
Suhl Conference Center (Zeidler/Roberts Partnership, Berlin): Interior planning : detailing and coordination
Sunnyside County Hospital addition:: Project Architect ; design, detailing (Decker Architects,  Seattle WA)
Marriott Courtyard hotel: Project Architect ; design, detailing (The Singleton Associates,  Seattle WA)

1997 - 2004 Lockheed Martin Space Operations,  Houston, Texas, USA. Space Architect, Human Factors Engineer; Crew Station Design, Systems and Vehicle Integration
STS-107: NASA-JSC Mission Control / Mission Science Console: provided real-time status and ops support for NASA Code U payloads
Crew Return Vehicle [CRV]: requirements development (NASA), crew cabin architecture (LM)
Space Transportation Architecture Study [STAS] and
Second-Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle [2GRLV] concept definition, project development
Crew Transfer Vehicle [CTV] crew cabin architecture study (for Lockheed Martin Astronautics)
ISS-TransHab: vehicle configuration, requirements development, crew outfitting and accommodations, and architectural integration (for NASA (EX))
BIO-Plex: Hab Element design, requirements development and Facility integration (for NASA)
ISS Crew Systems configuration, Consulting on operations, specifications and hardware design; design of ISS Refrigerator/Freezers, workstations, science payload HW, human centrifuge, solid-state lighting system,  stowage and payload integration (for NASA)

2004 - present Futron, Houston TX USA. Senior Technologist, Space Architect; Operations Integration Engineer. International Space Station Mission Operations Integration office



March - October 2001 Art Institute of Chicago  “Design for Space”
March-August 2001 Yale Art Gallery, “Decorative Arts of the 20th Century”
May-July 2001 Yale School of Architecture Gallery,  “New Blue” http://www.yale.edu/opa/news/architecture/


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