About us

Synthesis International LLC is an award winning innovation consulting firm whose work includes product innovation and facility design, user interface optimization and the world’s foremost practice in architecture for human spaceflight. As a Woman-Owned Small Business, we offer a wide range of services in product and architectural design, operations planning, sustainable systems integration and risk assessment and mitigation support. With a quarter century of extensive experience in the planning and innovation fields, our management has over 15 years experience in supporting Federal Government contracts.



- Residential, Commercial and Institutional Architectural services
- Full BIM support
- Advanced parametric modeling
- Sustainable Systems Integration

Space Systems

- Space and Surface Inflatable structures and logistics
- Combined software/hardware user interface solutions
- Crew seat design; anthropometrically valid furniture
- Cockpit and displays/controls design (CRV, OSP, Orion)
- Spaceport Master Planning
- Hangar and Crew Terminal Facility assessment and design
- Cargo and Payload support, processing and integration
- ISS/Space Station Architecture, Operations and Crew Station Design
- Launch Package Engineering (ISS visiting vehicles)
- Extreme environment habitation and transport systems

Product Design

- Medical/healthcare product and System management, planning and design
- Space Foundation accredited technology transfers


- National Geographic Outreach and Science Curricula

IKEA Space

Synthesis Partner Constance Adams leads a training session for IKEA designers at MDRS.



ICES 2018

Francois Levy and Georgi Petrov along with Sandra HÄUPLIK-MEUSBURGER co-chaired the Space Architecutre session at 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Francois Levy presented our new work on BIM for Space Architecture.

ICES 2016 2017

Georgi Petrov co-chaired the Space Architecutre sessions at the 46th and 47th International Conference on Environmental Systems in
Vienna, Austria and Charleston, South Carolina.


Synthesis work was shown at the Building Technological Habitats exhibit at IVAM in Valencia, Spain.
03 Apr - 01 Jul 2012



National Geographic

National Georgaphic Explorer's Journal Google Hangout with Constance Adams.
Watch the video online.

Conference Talk

Constance Adams's
talk from CUSP 2013 conference is now available.

Synthesis Partners

Synthesis Intl. works closely with a number of innovative individuals and institutions to provide the broadest possible support to all of our projects.


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synthesis international, are proud to have participated in the successful bid for the Spaceport America Virgin Galactic Terminal as members of the multinational team led by URS and Foster & Partners.
As the twenty-first century beckons the private market into space, those with vision are stepping forward to build a gateway. Our team is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of this historic undertaking with the elegance, innovation and expertise it demands.

SYNTHESIS - high-performance architecture for life on any planet



Synthesis work was shown at the Building Technological Habitats exhibit at IVAM in Valencia, Spain.
03 Apr - 01 Jul 2012




Beyond Brick and Mortar: Space Architecture
Constance Adams interview for the tablet magazine Symbolia


Constance Adams
will appear at the 2013 AIA Women’s Leadership Summit in Phoenix AZ.
24-26. October. 2013


Francois Levy gave an interview about his new book for the Architosh blog.



TEDxHouston 2011

Constance Adams gave a talk entitled "How Do Democracies Conduct Great Projects" at TEDxHouston 2011.


See the talk on YouTube!
New Publication

Out of This World: The New Field of Space Architecture - the new book by the Space Architecture Technical Committee of the AIAA came out on September 30th 2009.
Chapter 29 - Spaceport Design is authored by Constance Adams and Georgi Petrov.

New Publication

BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design by Francois Levy
is now available.


JASON Project

Constance Adams is chosen to take part in National Geographic's JASON project which connects students with great explorers.


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ICES 2010

Georgi Petrov presented our new work on optimization of inflatable shells for space modules using using Constraints Driven Design, at the 40th International Conference on Environmental Systems in
Bacelona, Spain.
11 - 15 July 2010



The Space Show

Constance Adams to appear on the The Space Show on
Friday, December 3, 2010
9:30-11AM PST

Space 2010

Constance Adams and François Lévy are organizing a panel entitled "Requirements for Commercial Spaceports" at the AIAA SPACE 2010 Conference & Exposition in
Anaheim, California, USA.
30 August - 2 September 2010


NewSpace 2011

Synthesis International's work is to appear at Space Frontier Foundation's annual conference, NewSpace 2011.

NASA Ames Research Center
July 28 - 30, 2011

Space Certification for Synthesis Products

Two of our designs have recieved certification as space technologies by the Space Foundation.



Hospital Bed